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So, you want to be a farmer...

Updated: Jan 4

Where did it all start?

What is the driving force or reason you want to start a farm?

This is an important question that we should not lose sight of as we advance through our lives as farmers. It is hard for me to pin down the exact moment I decided to pursue a life in agriculture, but it has always been about food. I can describe my relationship with healthy living as abusive at best. The evening, after dinner munchies strike hard in this household! I know what to do for optimal health, but I just do not do it. At least not all the time. The number one reason I started raising livestock is because I want to feed my family the healthiest and most nutrient dense food available. If you have landed on this page you too probably have that same desire and you probably have consumed enough information about the ails of conventional farming that I do not need to go down that rabbit hole. Maybe you remember a taste long forgotten of fresh protein from a relative's farm in your childhood. Food that was raised naturally, on grass, or in the woods, with fresh air, sunshine, and no drugs. Whatever the reason your search for the best food money can buy has led you to Dirt Road Farms I want to thank you and invite you on this journey as we grow food worth eating. I promise I will not lose sight of why I want to be a farmer for my family and yours.

Thank you for supporting sustainable and regenerative farming!

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